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For companies with budding influencer programs.

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For companies with experienced influencer programs that need to optimize & begin scaling.

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For companies with advanced influencer programs looking for efficiency and massive scale.

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Contact Sales

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Customer Success

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Credit Card or Direct Invoice

Accounts are billed by credit card per your plan. Offline or invoice based billing is also available per request. Invoices are always available.

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Frequently asked questions

What Is Grin?

Grin is a software system for running influencer marketing. We're used by brands and agencies to optimize and scale their programs. Our tools will help you find and recruit influencers, manage those relationships with our CRM, create and execute marketing campaigns, and measure the results.

What social networks do you have influencers on?

Our database is comprised of Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs & Twitter. We are strongest on Instagram as this is what most of our customers prefer. You can also manually add any influencer you like into our tool for management.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes, of course! All paid customers get access to phone and email support M-F, 9-5PM PST. Our account managers are experts at influencer marketing, from creative to budgeting, they can help with everything.

What are the payment terms?

All of our plans require an annual term and are billed yearly. Please contact sales for additional term and payment information.

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Shane Barker, Digital Strategist

One of our biggest headaches is finding accurate information on influencers and managing day to day communication. Grin has solved that problem for us. It's saved us tons of time.


Jahan Karimaghayi, Bench Mob

Grin's approach, enabling us to own the direct influencer relationships, is the best solution we've found. We are totally aligned philosophically, they understand what world-class influencer programs require.


Meagen Poznanski, Mist Tanning

Great team, great product, great customer service. If you're in the business of reaching consumers through social there is no better tool for you.

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