How to find Millennial Influencers

Millennials are a very important demographic for marketers. As the largest generation since the boomers, millennials are fast growing in purchasing power. Two of the most powerful keys for tapping in to millennials as a customer base are millennial influencers and the social media platform, Instagram.

Instagram and Millennial Influencers

The power of images is well-known to marketers. Instagram works wonderfully as a marketing tool because of its visual format coupled with a user base around the size of the U.S.'s population. Around half of those users are millennials.

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In observing how millennial women interacted with businesses on social media, Influenster and Adweek found that many millennial women most actively engage with businesses on Instagram. In a report by Elite Daily, it was found that 22 percent of millennials said that Instagram directly influenced their shopping habits. This level of millennial engagement (along with Instagram's growing support for businesses) is the reason thousands of marketers are taking to Instagram to further their marketing endeavors.

How do millennial influencers fit into the marketing equation? People respond to (and are more likely to follow) individuals with connections with a particular business rather than the business itself.

You can think of millennial influencers as the human face of your marketing. Millennials put their trust in them. Sixty percent of millenials reported that they would try a product suggested by a Youtuber.

Finding Millennial Influencers

Influencers have obvious power. Brands, businesses, and marketers want to get their product or service into the hands or words of influencers and harness that power. To begin courting influencers, you have to find them first!

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We've built the BEST INFLUENCER SEARCH tool. Click to learn how to instantly search 1,000s of INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS.

Here are some ways you can discover the influencers you want to partner with:

  • Google It - Google has a nifty feature where you can bypass a site's search engine and dig through the site using Google's search engine. By combing a keyword (such as your niche) and you can browse through the results and collect information about potential influencers. If you are having a hard time finding suitable influencers, try narrowing down options with specific keywords. Try a few keywords and see what you get.
  • Hashtags - Hashtags can help you get in touch with influencers contextually. Like keywords, hashtags give insights on who is looking for something and where they are searching or who is producing content. Brand relevant hashtags lead you to influencers. Instagram's keyhole feature allows you to organize photo's by the amount of likes received. When an influencer is consistently getting a fair amount of likes and has high-quality content, you can move on to viewing their stats (followers, popularity) and contacting them.
  • Paid Tools - The first options, while free, are a hassle to work through. When free search engines aren't a reliable option, you can try professional social media influencer search engines. Engines like  Ninja Outreach and HYPR allow you to find influencers according to the criteria you set. This saves you time and resources as you can perform a similar keyword search such as done on Google with more control, information and organization. Using these engines can provide you with information such as:
    • Insights
    • Contact Information
    • Other Social Channels
    • Follower Count
    • Detailed Audience Demographics
  • Influencer Platforms - Platforms such as Grin don't simply facilitate the discovery of influencers. They bring marketers and influencers together while also giving brands a space to collaborate. With a platform, you can:
    • Find Relevant Influencers
    • Send Assignments Directly to Influencers
    • Automate Workflows
    • Get Advanced Metrics

Some Things to Keep in Mind

No matter which option you use to find your influencers, you should always start by analyzing the needs of your brand. Determine how closely prospective influencers align with your brand's message. Analyze the ROI potential of an influencer and decide if it is worth it to engage them. Finally, consider if a particular influencer has the right audience. Quantity doesn't necessarily bring quality. Micro influencers and other with smaller groups of followers often have a better engagement rate than larger influencers.

Find the tools and influencers that work for your brand. By getting millennial influencers you can extend your reach to potentially millions.

Are you a brand or marketing agency looking to engage millenials? If so, check out Grin. We're an influencer marketing platform built to engage millenials for advertisers. We have one of the fastest growing influencer networks in the world. Book a demo today to see us in action.

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We've built the BEST INFLUENCER SEARCH tool. Click to learn how to instantly search 1,000s of INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS.

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown is the CEO of Grin, an influencer marketing software solution for brands. Grin’s software helps customers identify, recruit & activate the world’s most engaging influencers. Prior to Grin Brandon led marketing for the #1 energy drink market in the world, Los Angeles & Orange County, at Red Bull North America. He is an expert in consumer marketing and has extensive experience working with with the worlds largest brands to reach consumers through influencers, athletes, musicians and artists.

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