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Meet the Instagram search tool that makes identifying and connecting with influencers infinitely easier.

The must-have tool for every modern marketer

Designed to help you find the best influencers for your brand in record time.

Identify top influencers
From beauty to travel to motocross, you’ll find the top influencers in every niche on our Instagram search engine. All filterable by age, location, engagement rates and more.
Pick the best fit
See the content each influencer is producing so you can choose the ones that best suit your brand, all without having to leave the platform. 
Contact them at scale
Each of our instagram influencers has verified contact information, so you don’t have to chase them down. Export lists to your own CRM and message them all at once.

How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Brand

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Looking for a better way to find Instagram influencers?

For influencer marketers, the struggle is real. Trying to find one great  ambassador for your brand - let alone several - can be an overwhelming, frustrating time suck. That’s why we built Grin. Our Instagram search engine takes you beyond the #hashtag and straight to the insights that matter - helping you find exactly who you’re looking for, in just a few clicks. 
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Grin takes out the guesswork

With some clever machine learning and AI, our Instagram search engine gets to know the kinds of content influencers are posting - and makes it all searchable to you. It also surfaces key metrics behind each influencer - including total reach and engagement rates - so you’re armed with the numbers you need.
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Your job will never be the same

Your days of wading through a sea of @handles are gone. Grin’s Instagram search makes finding the right influencers an effortless, organized process. From filtering by your desired qualities to created organized, exportable lists, Grin makes the hard work of influencer marketing easy - all at an affordable price. 
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The ultimate Instagram search tool for finding influencers

Jam-packed with features you'll love

We built our Instagram search tool based on deep knowledge of the influencer marketing space. And as more customers like PGA Tour, Charming Charlie and Postmates have adopted it, our software has only gotten better.

Search a pre-vetted database

No use wasting your time looking at influencers who won’t drive ROI for your business. At Grin we analyzed 2 million social accounts to create our database of only the top engagement drivers. Did you know that influencers with under 250k total drive 3x the engagement when compared to social celebrities? Search them all easily with the only Instagram search tool you’ll ever need.

Filter down, down, down

Have a highly specific wish list? Bring it on. Grin’s Instagram search can narrow down a massive database of influencers to a select few, based on dozens of filters. The engine also understands context: search “music” and you’ll see influencers who are musicians, while typing “music fans” will show you music fans instead.

Get organized with lists

What do you do when you’ve found your frontrunners? Grin allows you to manage them all with dynamic lists. Share the lists with your colleagues, export them to your own CRM, and use them to contact all your selected influencers at once. Boom. You’re a marketing machine.

Zero in on a location

Locating your customers is a critical aspect of marketing, yet the average influencer search program doesn’t provide it. Only Grin offers location data for every single influencer in our database and lets you find lookalikes - so you can pinpoint who you want, where you want them.

Tap into the world's best influencers today

Who built Grin and what do they know about marketing?

Grin is a Sacramento-based software company 100% devoted to helping marketers connect with the right influencers for their brand. We are a small team of entrepreneurs and former marketers ourselves, who run influencer programs for our clients every day. When you sign up for our Instagram search software, we’ll be here for you, offering always-on support and expertise.

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In today’s modern marketing landscape, finding the right people to help distribute your message is easier said than done. Don’t go it alone - let Grin’s Instagram search do the hard work for you. Subscribe to one of our monthly plans today or schedule a demo with our friendly team. We’d be happy to show you the ropes.

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