Influencer marketing has become a game-changer for businesses. The basic idea of influencer marketing is creating user-generated content for brand promotion. The value of influencer marketing can be determined from the fact that more brands are increasing their budgets and incorporating separate teams of in-house influencer marketers.

The biggest benefit of influencer marketing is its reach. With the right influencers and platforms, brands can reach a much larger target audience. A successful influencer promotion comes across as more authentic and less like an advertisement. As people reject the traditional marketing tactics, it is influencers’ power of storytelling which engages their audiences.

Marketers have realized the power of social media to reach out to their audience. Many businesses have at least one profile on social media. Just on Instagram alone, there are 25 million business profiles, and over 2 million advertisers use this platform for their businesses. 80% of people follow at least one business on Instagram.

A smart tactic when you are looking for an out-of-the-box way to market your brand is an influencer takeover. A takeover is when an influencer takes over one or more of your social media accounts temporarily and posts on your brand’s behalf.

In this kind of cross-promotion, the influencer will invite their followers to check out their takeover of your account(s). This is a great way to generate additional engagement and to increase your brand’s followers.

Maserati GB has relinquished control of their Instagram account every month since their launch in November 2015. Influencers who takeover the Maserati Instagram account range from architects to sports stars and ballerinas. Each influencer adds content in their unique style.

This has helped make the Maserati Instagram page exciting and visually rich due to the diverse content posted by the various influencers.

Maserati Instagram

Image source: Instagram

DJ Khaled, the “King of Snapchat,” is in high demand when it comes to influencer marketing on the photo-sharing app. He uses the takeover tactic to promote brands. His Snaps get an average of 3 million views. The Snapchat superstar used the platform to promote Stride Gum’s “Mad Intense” products.

Mad Intense

Image Source: Wieden+Kennedy


  1. Choose the right influencers for this type of campaign. Influencers need to understand and align themselves with your brand’s values.
  2. Rules for the takeover should be clearly defined whether you want the influencer to completely take over your social media account, or let you post on their behalf 2-3 times a day.
  3. If you already have any particular hashtags or specific words you want influencers to use, let them know in advance.
  4. Don’t forget to tell the influencers to promote your brand not just on your social media page but theirs as well.
  5. The duration for the influencer takeover should also be agreed upon before the start of the campaign so that the storytelling aspect is not compromised.


For an influencer takeover, is important that the influencer is the boss of content for the duration of the takeover. A takeover doesn’t necessarily mean you hand over the keys to your social media kingdom to the influencer. It could be as simple as having influencers send you images and captions that you post from your account.

It is an excellent strategy if you wish to expand your fan base on social media. Through cross-promotion on your as well as the influencer’s social media pages, their followers will get redirected to your page. Such content has a higher engagement rate as the audience knows that the content is created by the influencer.

This campaign is also a good way to build long-term relationships with the influencers. It is mutually beneficial for both the brand as well as the influencer.

Brian Mechem

Brian Mechem

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