More often than not, most of our purchase decisions are based on a recommendation from someone, be it a friend, family member, celebrity, or people we follow on social media. Influencer marketing capitalizes on this trend for brand promotions.

With the ever expanding media space, digital advertising has also taken new forms. Influencer marketing uses social media stars to spread the word about products and services. Just the term “influencer marketing” has seen an increase of 400% in searches on Google in the last two years.

Businesses and marketers are turning to influencer marketing to build a credible name for themselves. The industry has evolved over the years with many new formulae for success entering the space. From the rise of micro-influencers to the growing popularity of Instagram, influencer marketing has seen many new trends emerge every year.   

One of the most popular and effective influencer marketing strategies is a giveaway campaign. Giveaways are hugely popular on social media, and encourage your target audiences to engage more with your content.

Everyone likes a good, healthy competition. Giveaways create a sense of excitement among influencers and their followers. Through giveaways, influencers get a chance to give something back to their followers. Having a winner at the end of it is an added bonus.

A giveaway helps boost a brand’s social media presence. Once an influencer announces the giveaway and tags you in their posts, their followers will land on your brand’s page. Even for product launches, giveaways help create buzz, which can lead to more conversations about your brand.

The Body Shop used this strategy to promote their new Fuji Green Tea products in Belgium and the Netherlands. They started an influencer-promoted contest in order to increase their social engagement. The brand challenged health and lifestyle influencers and fans to share their #HealthyMoment photos on social media. The prize was the complete range of Fuji Green Tea products.

Even blogs like BeautyMinded promoted the contest with posts featuring the product line.

The #HealthyMoment hashtag generated over 50,000 likes on Instagram and saw a 200% increase in engagement. In Belgium, the engagement was around 22%. The campaign reached around 225,000 people through this giveaway contest.



  1. Find the right influencers based on the type of giveaway you wish to promote. Influencers should be selected on the basis of your campaign’s goal.
  2. Make sure that the influencer posts a link to your brand’s page.
  3. A contest, however, may require some kind of contribution from participants. Ensure that all laws and specific platform rules are followed before launching either.
  4. Be very clear about the rules, participation guidelines, and limitations to avoid any kind of hiccups.
  5. You will also have to decide on the prize for the giveaway or competition and the steps required in order to participate. Make sure these steps are clearly conveyed to prospective participants. How a winner will be chosen should also be clearly specified.
  6. Get the participants to use a unique hashtag associated with your brand. You can also ask participants to tag a friend. This way, you can spread the word far wider with little effort.
  7. Get people to create unique content to enter the contest.


A giveaway is a great strategy if the prime focus of your campaign is to create more brand awareness and introduce your product to your target audience. Influencers can spread the message far and wide with greater impact and authenticity.

A word of caution though, be aware of the rules for giveaways. There are specific laws and rules that govern contests and sweepstakes in different locations and on different platforms. In general, sweepstakes don’t require any kind of payment from a contestant and the winner is chosen randomly.

Brian Mechem

Brian Mechem

Brian Mechem is COO and Co-Founder of Grin, a software solution for companies who run influencer marketing programs. Grin's software powers some of the best influencer programs in the world, providing insights on ROI and adding efficiency to the influencer marketing process.

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