Did you know that tweets from influencers and brands combined can increase purchase intent by 5.2X? Before buying anything, people turn to blog reviews or social media.

This is where influencer marketing comes into play. It is one of the fastest methods of acquiring customers online. However, getting stellar results from your campaign requires effective planning.

Here are 10 influencer marketing strategies you should follow to achieve phenomenal results:

1. Discount Codes: This is one of the easiest and most effective influencer marketing strategies. Discounts compel a customer to make a purchase by giving them an incentive. Combining an influencer’s post with a unique code gives the audience an additional nudge towards a purchase.

Influencers can enhance your posts’ reach and can be instrumental in promoting your discounts and offers. Giving influencer-specific discount codes can also help you measure the effectiveness of each influencer.

Check out this post by the influencer, Vanessa, for a perfect example of using influencer-specific discount codes.

Discount Codes Influencer Marketing Strategies

Image Source: Instagram

2. Branded Blog Posts: These are commissioned by a brand, and go a long way in boosting sales and increasing brand awareness. They provide more information about your brand and products. Blog posts get indexed by search engines, and hence have a longer lifespan.

The most common types of branded blog posts are those with detailed product reviews. A lot of brands collaborate with influencers and send them products to review. If a trusted influencer writes a positive review for your brand, it will encourage their followers to try out your products.

And, you can ask the influencers to add backlinks to your website in their posts. This will solve a dual purpose. First, you will get good-quality content about your brand or products. Second, you will get backlinks from reputable blogs that have high domain authority.

3. Brand Mentions: This is one of the most common types of brand-influencer collaborations and is an effective influencer marketing strategy. Brand mentions lead to more digital conversations and wider social engagement. Mentions of a brand on social media can boost brand awareness immensely.

A simple brand mention from a popular influencer can put your brand on the map. Especially, if you don’t have a big social media presence, influencers can help you reach people you couldn’t reach yourself.

For example, check this post by a popular influencer, Kate Spiers. She mentions the brand, Sure, in her post. The brand has a little over 7.8K followers on Instagram. But, by collaborating with Kate, they got the chance to reach her 246K Instagram followers.

Brand Mentions Influencer Marketing Strategies

Image Source: Instagram

4. Giveaways:  This is another one of the key influencer marketing strategies that definitely work. Competitions and giveaways create a sense of excitement in a consumer. They offer the chance and the thrill of winning something. They also encourage your audience to engage more with your content.

And, influencers can help you promote your giveaways and contests and help them reach a larger audience. What’s more, is that you can ask people to follow your account to participate in such giveaways.

5. Long-Term Partnerships/Ambassador Programs: When an influencer becomes the face of a brand, it is similar to a brand endorsement. The ambassador uses his social media accounts to spread the word about the brand. It also has a long-term value since it has the potential to attract loyal customers.
6. Events: It is a great way to have a personal interaction with the influencer, and also to network with influential people.

Hosting influencer events helps in two ways. First, you get to meet and network with influencers in your industry. Second, influencers’ social media posts about the event help to popularize your brand.

So, host an event and invite influencers from your industry to attend that event.

7. Takeovers: Here an influencer take over a brand’s social media account for a pre-decided period of time, and posts on its behalf. Collaborating with a popular influencer can attract a lot of people to your page and enhance consumer engagement.
8. Guest Posts: This can work in two ways. You can ask influencers to post on your website. Or, as a brand, you can post on an influencer’s websites. This generates informative content, and also increases a brand’s visibility.

For example, check out this guest post by Lilach Bullock on Shane Barker’s blog. They both are influencers in their own rights and guest posts like these benefit both parties.

Guest Posts Influencer Marketing Strategies

Image Source: Shanebarker.com

9. Free Products for Review: Sending free products to an influencer is a popular alternative to paid influencer promotion. Influencers can be asked to review the products in exchange for free products.

This is a win-win for both as influencers get free products and brands get free reviews. A positive review form an influencer can do wonders for your brand and products. If people trust the influencer writing the review, they may be encouraged to try the products themselves.

10. Challenge Your Influencers: Competitions are fun, and when it’s among influencers, it can boost a brand’s visibility and engagement. Winning criteria for influencers is based on social shares or traffic generated for the brand’s website.


If you incorporate any of these influencer marketing strategies into your campaign, you are bound to succeed. You can choose any or all of these influencer marketing strategies depending on your campaign goals. You can read the details and examples of each of these strategies in the illustrated gifographic below. Please feel free to add comments and share.

10 Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Know [Gifographic]

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