In the last few years, with other traditional marketing tactics fading, influencer marketing has risen exponentially. It is a non-traditional form of advertising. It is based on the ideas of authenticity and trust, two of the main reason for its success. 7 out of 10 millennials base their buying decisions on opinions of peers.

A study by Bloglovin’ has found that 67% of marketers believe that influencer marketing has helped them reach a more targeted customer base. This has led to more dynamic results making this an impactful tactic.

There has also been a surge in new influencer marketing platforms and agencies. They have more than doubled in the last two years making it a lot more mainstream.

Facebook and YouTube are two of the most influential platforms for brand promotions. 19% of customer purchase decisions come from Facebook while YouTube influences 18% of them.

But even with the rise of social media, blog posts are still effective when it comes to influencer marketing. Blogs are being consumed widely across the world be it fashion, lifestyle, parenting, health, or tech. 87.2 million new blog posts are published every month, and over 409 million people view more than 23 billion pages.

But what still makes blogs so popular? For one, blog posts can easily be found because they are indexed by search engines. Unlike most social media posts, they can be found and read for months and even years through a simple search.

Rescue wanted to build brand awareness and also encourage trials of their natural remedy products. They created a “buy one, get one” coupon, and also got influential bloggers to share their stories using the products. The influencers also shared the coupon in their posts to amplify the campaign.

Rescue got bloggers like A Girl Called PJ and A Clothes Horse to write posts. They wrote about their experiences relieving stress using Rescue’s natural stress relief products. The bloggers also added the buy one, get one coupon in their posts along with more information about Rescue’s products.

Rescue’ssocial media impressions

The campaign drove 133 million social media impressions, and more than 6,000 clicks to the coupon site. There was also a 258% increase in Rescue’s Instagram following during the campaign.

Nordstrom regularly partners with female millennial fashion bloggers to target their customer base. Blogger Christine Andrew regularly writes about fashion, travel, and family. She has created many posts for Nordstrom for her blog Hello Fashion.

Hello Fashion

These blog posts also provide fashion tips using Nordstrom clothes and also have links to shop her styles.

Nordstrom clothes


  1. If you want to launch a new product, blogs can help reach your niche audience.
  2. Pick the right influencer for your blog posts. They need to understand your brand and the product to write an honest review and feedback.
  3. While commissioning blog posts, let the influencer their own style and creativity. You can give them a brief about what you would want them to cover. This would make the post sound more authentic.
  4. Blog posts have a longer shelf-life, so influencers need to be compensated accordingly.
  5. Make sure that bloggers use original photographs instead of stock photos for the blog posts. A blog post’s visual appeal gets people to spend more time on a blog.


While a brand may partner with bloggers for a long term, one of the main advantages of a blog post is that it gives returns even on a one-off collaboration. Not just that, when it comes to SEO, a blog post goes a long way. Bloggers will include backlinks to your website which will drive traffic and sales.

Blog posts are not only informative, but can also boost your brand awareness and sales. Although you should keep in mind that blogger and all influencers need to follow the FTC guidelines and mention that the post is sponsored.

Brian Mechem

Brian Mechem

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