Influencer marketing is growing rapidly. In fact, it is projected to be a $5-10 billion industry by 2020. On average, businesses are currently earning $7.65 for every $1 they spend on an influencer marketing campaign. For the top 15%, this number is as high as $20.

The rise of digital advertising has made traditional advertising methods fade in comparison. When it comes to acquiring customers online, influencer marketing is ranked as the number one method. Through social media, brands are able to reach their customer base directly, in a more engaging and organic way.

A mention of a brand on social media that reaches far and wide can boost brand awareness immensely. According to a study by Tapinfluence and the Altimeter group, brand mentions are the third most effective marketing strategy.

Campaigns on social media can add to your brand’s profile by pushing you into the limelight through conversations about you. They can also help transform your target audience’s perception about your brand.

Authenticity is the driving force behind the success of influencer marketing. Frequent brand mentions by influencers have a lot of benefits for brands. Just make sure that the focus and compensation plan of your campaign is clearly defined, whether it is getting coverage by gifting your product or by engaging and paying influencers to talk about it.

Microsoft leveraged National Geographic’s wide-reaching social media presence to build a campaign around International Women’s Day. The “Make What’s Next” campaign was launched in 2016 and picked up again in 2017. The aim was to encourage more girls to work in STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

30 photographs, taken by several adventure photographers were posted on National Geographic’s five Instagram accounts. Each of these photos featured a famous female scientist or adventurer. The captions told their stories, and included the tagline, “@Microsoft - Empowering girls to change the world, stay in STEM, and be the ones to #MakeWhatsNext.”

Microsoft reached 91 million people with 30 Instagram posts mentioning them. The human element in these posts helped Microsoft connect with audiences on a much deeper level and conveyed their message in a elegant way.

Microsoft reached

Image Source: Instagram


  1. Define parameters for the campaign, but let the influencers take control over the content. This will lead to more authentic and fresh content that you can easily reuse later.
  2. Clearly define your requirements to the influencers about the type of content you require. Influencer content needs to be aligned to the brand’s image without overshadowing it.
  3. If possible, get the influencer to show how the product or service is used. Unboxing is a good way of getting authentic influencer reviews, and it will look less like an ad.
  4. While mentioning your brand, give the influencer relevant hashtags so that the conversations created around it can be tracked easily.
  5. Make sure that the FTC guidelines are complied with when creating sponsored content to avoid any run-ins with the law. In most cases, if an influencer is getting paid for the post, a simple #ad or #sponsored has to be added.


Brand mentions are a great way to get more people talking about your brand. A mention by the right influencer who belongs to your niche and identifies with your brand can reach a target audience more effectively. This will drive more traffic your way.

When influencers mention brands in their posts and provide a link to your product or service, this will also help increase sales. Content by influencers is created keeping in mind the audience that will be interested in your brand. This also creates a relationship of trust between you and the influencer leading to a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership.

Brian Mechem

Brian Mechem

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