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Influencer Management Tool
influencer marketing solution

Find your ideal influencers

Looking for a dog-owning fitness influencer in Kansas City who dominates Instagram? No problem.

Jump into Grin and search a database of thousands of prospects, all filterable by location, engagement rates and social network. You can even see their content and verified contact information, eliminating the need for internet stalking.


Own your outreach

Save yourself many an all-nighter with Grinʼs outreach tools: Narrow down your selects with our collaborative lists; Reach out to unlimited influencers using our proven templates; Then monitor your success so you can optimize where needed. Ah, sleep is good.

Run ridiculously organized campaigns

Grin's influencer management tool helps you manage every step, from kickoff to wrap-up.


Send the brief to all your influencers at once with Grinʼs centralized briefing system.


Create specific assignments for your influencers to create the kind of content you want, where you want it.


From influencer content to shipment status to total spend, see everything happening in your campaign on one beautiful dashboard.


Youʼre not payroll. Let Grin take care of influencer W-9s, and how and when you pay.


Crunch those numbers

Grin knows itʼs all about ROI and KPIs. Dive into the data at any point during your campaign to measure your return in real time - by earned media or revenue conversions - and find out which influencers delivered the goods.

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