6 of the Most Effective YouTube Lead Generation Strategies

Brian Mechem

Brian Mechem

There are billions of videos on YouTube today and millions of active daily visitors. While most use the platform to watch videos, there are influencers who use it to earn money too. And brands use the platform to spread the word about their products or services.

But there is so much more that you can do apart from just spreading the word about your brand. Videos captivate the attention of people better than any other form of content, resulting in the success of YouTube advertising.

You can harness the power of videos to generate leads for your business too. YouTube lead generation may seem like a tough task. But using the right strategies and following the right s steps can make this job much easier for you.

Let’s look at six of the best YouTube lead generation strategies that can fetch you a good number of leads.

1. Keyword Research

Before you start off with YouTube lead generation, you should first look for relevant keywords. This is the most important step that you need to take to generate leads from YouTube. Without the right keywords, your video wouldn’t be able to reach the right people.

This is why you should consider spending a fair amount of time to look for relevant keywords. You need to pick the right keywords that people will search for on YouTube. Keyword research for YouTube is pretty similar to that of SEO.


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You can search for relevant keywords with tools such as KWFinder. You can then incorporate those keywords into your content on YouTube. This will improve your chances of getting listed for searches that people conduct on the website.

2. Optimize Your Channel

Your YouTube channel should be optimized using keywords that you have researched. When the channel is optimized with the right keywords, there’s a good chance it will get listed higher in relevant searches. This applies to both YouTube and Google searches.

You need to make sure that your channel description is rich with keywords. You should try to incorporate keywords into any section where it is possible to use them. But make sure you don’t stuff them into your content in a way that doesn’t make sense to a human audience.

You can even add links in the channel description to a relevant landing page on your website. What these links essentially do is direct traffic to your landing pages where you can get leads. While the traffic might be small, it is highly targeted. So this can help you generate quality leads for your business.

You can also add a custom background to your channel. While the background isn’t clickable, it definitely occupies a lot of space on the page. So you can use this to promote events or showcase other relevant content there. Get creative with it and make it extremely attractive with imagery.

3. Optimize Your Videos

You need to ensure that your videos are of the highest quality possible. The better the quality of the video, the higher the chances it’ll become popular. You need to create good videos and then post-process them to make them more engaging.

People enjoy watching high-quality videos so there are good chances that you’ll get a high amount of views. This can help you reach a massive audience. You could even add a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your video so people know exactly what you want them to do next.

You could do this by adding an annotation at the end of the video. This could have the link to your landing page. You could also say something in the video that could serve as a call-to-action. Or you can put a CTA and link in the description.  

4. Optimize Your Video Descriptions

Your videos may be great but their descriptions matter too. You should consider including a couple of sentences to describe it. So when people read the description, they’ll know exactly what the video is about, which can help them decide whether or not to watch it.

You should also use your keywords in the description. These get noticed by the search engines and help the video rank higher on Google and YouTube.

You can even add a shortened version of your link to a landing page in the description. If your video is getting a large number of views, there’s a good chance that people will click on the link. This can help you with YouTube lead generation.

You should also add tags to your videos. These tags are a way to showcase the relevance of your videos to a particular topic. You should add 5-7 tags to each of your videos. This will ensure that your video gets listed along with videos that under the same tags. So you’ll be able to get more views from relevant people.

5. YouTube Lead Generation With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to generate leads for your business. You can collaborate with influencers on YouTube to generate more leads. Influencers are people who have a huge subscriber base on YouTube. Their videos usually have high engagement rates too.

You can approach influencers and pitch them an opportunity to collaborate. For example, you could send them your product and ask them to review it or create content about it. This video could have a call-to-action and link to your landing page in the description or at the end of the video.

As their videos have a higher view count and engagement, this can help you get loads of visitors to your landing page. This can boost your YouTube lead generation instantly. In fact, Google found that 70% of teens are more influenced by YouTube influencers than celebrities. This makes millennial influencers a great option for lead generation.

While choosing influencers, you need to pick influencers who are in your niche. You should inspect their channels thoroughly to see whether or not their content style is a good fit for your brand.

And make sure you avoid fake influencers. These influencers may have not have huge engagement but a massive following. A majority of their content may be sponsored since they’re creating content just to make money.


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To ensure that your YouTube influencer marketing efforts are paying off, you can use the analytics feature of Grin. You can keep track of the activity and performance of each influencer. And you’ll also be able to get insights into the overall ROI of your campaign.

6. Encourage Your Viewers and Subscribers

Your goal should be to generate higher views and engagement. To do this, you should encourage your viewers and subscribers to comment on and upvote your videos. When there are more thumbs ups on your video, it attests for the quality of the video.

This can help your video rank higher than others of the same type. The same applies to comments. When there are a lot of comments on a video, it can help with the SEO of your video. You should always try to engage with as many commenters as possible.

You should even comment on other popular videos in your niche. This can give you visibility and establish you as an expert in the niche. You’ll be able to get more visitors to your channels and videos. This, in turn, can get you more link clicks and boost your YouTube lead generation efforts.


You need to consistently follow the strategies mentioned above and implement them for effective YouTube lead generation. There are plenty of basic tips that you should follow, along with some advanced tactics such as influencer marketing.

Do you have any questions about the strategies described above? If so, do let us know in the comments section below. We’ll try our best to answer them for you. And if you need help connecting with influencers, you can use our free influencer outreach templates.Outreach Email Templates

Brian Mechem

Brian Mechem

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